We. Me. It. a powerful model of motivation

Motivation is directed energy. It’s what we call that feeling when we’re firing on all pistons, and taking action towards getting something done – whether we’re building a garden wall, cooking for a dinner party, doing the job we’re paid for, or painting a picture for pleasure. 

When we’re motivated we get things done and it feels good. When we’re not motivated getting things done can be difficult and unpleasant.  The difference lies in our needs.

Human motivation is at its most basic, all about what we need and if our needs are being expressed or suppressed. 

Everyone has needs they want to express. The need to feel loved and connected to others, the need to achieve and exercise our talents and the need for creativity or self-expression. Whenever these three fundamental needs are being expressed we feel motivated, whether we’re at home, at work or generally out and about in life. Psychologists refer to this energy that comes from within as intrinsic motivation - that is triggered by human needs for affiliation, achievement and actualisation. 

An easy way to the remember our three motivation needs is We. Me. It.


WE the need to connect, belong, be loved or part of a group (affiliation)
ME the need to achieve, succeed and exercise your talents (achievement)
IT  the need for self-expression, to create and have purpose or meaning (actualisation)

We. Me. It. motivation model - Peoplepie Surveys

This ‘needs’ based model of motivation was discovered by research with adults, students and employees over many years. Building on the ideas of important thinkers like Freud, Herzberg, Maslow, Deci & Ryan, and others, Dr J-M Hinds developed and proved the validity of this model, turning it into an award-winning survey tools used by individuals, managers and now teams via Peoplepie.

Dr Hinds’ research proved that when motivation goes up, so too does our performance, happiness and satisfaction. Motivation feels good and is also good for business. For many of us, our ultimate goal is to find a career that we love – with work that motivates and inspires us and a manager who helps us to satisfy our individual needs for We. Me. and It. 

You can read more about Tripartite Motivation in Dr Hinds' new book. WE. ME. IT. Compelling insights into the essence of human motivation. Purchase below.

Book: We. Me. It.

We. Me. It. Compelling insights into the essence of human motivation by Joan-Mary Hinds PhD (2016)

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