Teams are the 'sweet spot' for motivation and culture change. 


Teams are the building blocks for business and a great way to organise people and workflow for maximum efficiency. And yet, many large organisations  try to manage their employees' motivation, engagement, teamwork, leadership and management practices top-down for the entire organisation.  

This is far too hard, and take far too long. 

A better way is to initiate action team by team. Whether introducing desired behaviours, changing employee attitudes, motivating or driving high engagement - team by team will work best. Peoplepie has has been purpose-built for this bottom-up approach.

Using Peoplepie team x team delivers

  • a consistent motivation and culture framework that is applied across the entire organisation
  • speedy implementation of action by managers at team level
  • manager ownership of team motivation & engagement actions
  • HR enabled to operate across the business as coaching partners 
  • a cost effective team development tool that drives action where it counts

what's involved?


4 easy steps to team motivation.

Use with one team or many teams.