Peoplepie motivates

Using Peoplepie with one team or many, will raise motivation, team performance and manager capability.

Action solutions go directly into managers' hands and guarantee immediate action with our easy 4-step process.

Self-service, effective and inexpensive, Peoplepie is a new, innovative team and manager development tool. 

"Love it! Peoplepie told me what to do to motivate my team!"

Pathways to suit your needs

Use Peoplepie with one team, many teams,  or with lots and lots of teams.



One manager, one team, one report. Ideal for a single team in any size organisation.

Multi-Team pathway icon.png


For two or more teams. Ideal for SMEs, large functions, and government departments. 

Enterprise pathway icon.png


Give all managers access in a large organisation. Contact us for tailored solutions and pricing. 


Surveys for different occupations

Pre-built surveys that take less than 10 minutes to answer.

Every survey measures team motivation + important occupation drivers.


Most popular! for any occuption



For sales teams



For customer service teams



For teams of unpaid volunteers


'Leadership' driver is replaced by 'Selling', 'Service', or 'Volunteer' in different occupation versions.


Reports with insights and actions

When a survey ends results are delivered via the a dynamic results display where account holders view summary results and download a personalised team report.

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Account owners can access results and reports. On display are summary statistics, a results chart, display wheel and report download button.

Multi-Team users have a drop-down menu to access results and reports.

Downloadable insights & action report

Every survey produces team reports with results, benchmarks, action recommendations, and a manager action checklist.

Download reports from your Peoplepie account. 

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A RODA (Receive, Own, Discuss and Act) session is a vital element to taking motivating action. Learn about RODA.

  • RODA session facilitation guide
  • RODA action planning worksheet



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