Motivating and managing a work team

A work team is a group of people working together, so the principles that apply to motivating individuals also apply to motivating teams.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the energy that occurs when our human needs for affiliation, achievement and actualisation are met.

  • Affiliation - my need for interaction, teamwork and bonding - to connect  WE
  • Achievement - my need for challenge, mastery and competition - to succeed  ME
  • Actualisation - my need for self expression, purpose and to do something worthwhile - have meaning   IT
tripartite motivation model.png


There are seven important drivers of motivation in the workplace. These are the factors that impact how well our work and workplace culture meets our needs for we, me and it. The seven most powerful drivers are:

  1. Job - enjoyable work that uses employee skills & abilities
  2. Employer - a positive & supportive work environment
  3. Influence - respect for individual needs, input and opinions
  4. Development - recognition with opportunity for learning & development
  5. Alignment - knowing & participating in the organisation direction
  6. Leadership - integrity, ability and communication
  7. Manager - effectiveness, accessibility and style

If you get these seven drivers right - motivation is yours. Peoplepie allows you to measure motivation and drivers at team level - enabling you to take action where it matters most.

Teams (like people) are different

These two teams have the same manager and work side by side in the same office. Yet their motivation and driver levels are very different.

The manager now knows what actions to take to raise each team's motivation and performance.

Do you know the motivation priorities for your team? Use Peoplepie to find out.

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