Peoplepie instructions 

how to run a peoplepie survey


(Create an account)

To use Peoplepie you must 'Register' to create an account.

Enter your name, email address and create a password. Passwords must have 8 characters, 1 letter and 1 number.

Keep a record of your login credentials. You need your login to run surveys and access reports.


You can reset your password when you next login.


The  blue navigation panel at the top of every screen gives you options to view, buy and manage surveys. Wherever you are in the platform, Help takes you to relevant instructions.



The single TEAM pathway has 4 steps:

  1. Survey: choose your occupation version
  2. Recipients: enter/upload employee email addresses
  3. Details: edit survey name, timing & invitations
  4. Review & Pay: confirm then pay by credit card or coupon

The MULTI-TEAM pathway has 6 steps:

  1. Survey:choose your occupation version
  2. Recipients: enter/upload employee email addresses
  3. Teams: create questions to define your teams
  4. Access: set up manager access to team reports
  5. Details: edit survey name, timing & invitations
  6. Review & Pay: confirm then pay by credit card or coupon

Scroll down to read about each of the steps.


Use 'Select' buttons to choose the TEAM or MULTI-TEAM pathway. To set up access for more than 50 teams email us about the ENTERPRISE option.

TEAM pathway is for a single team, business or faculty. This pathway produces one report for all respondents together. 

  • One team report (all respondents)

MULTI-TEAM pathway is for two or more teams with separate reports in additional to a total report. 

  • A total report (all respondents) PLUS
  • Reports for teams you define

All teams need 4 respondents to generate a report. Think about how your people are organised and managed, ideally members of a team share the same manager. The table below shows different pathway applications.

Schools mostly use the Multi-Team pathway for reporting by school (total) and faculty (team).


Team or Multi-Team

Choose the occupation survey version you want to use.

  • EMPLOYEE is suitable for most teams. If not sure - use this one.
  • SALES is for sales teams.
  • VOLUNTEER is for unpaid volunteer teams.
  • SERVICE is for customer services teams (call centres, aged care).
  • TEACHING is for schools using the Motivated Teaching Program only 


Team or Multi-Team

Enter email addresses for all people you want to do the survey.  Enter emails one by one or in bulk using a .csv file. Include your own details if you intend to answer the survey.

A.  Add recipient details one by one using the + button.

B. Bulk upload recipient details using a .csv file instead of one by one.

C.  Recipients already entered.

TIP! Email addresses must contain the @ symbol. Peoplepie will reject repeated email addresses but cannot verify spelling. Each email equals a recipient for billing purposes. 


Use the Sample CSV Download to create your .csv file. Save the file on your computer then upload it using the Browse and Process buttons. 

TIP! Put only first names in the Name column. 


Multi-Team only

Define teams with questions that have pre-defined responses. Participants will select the team they belong to. 

A. Question: e.g. Which team do you work in?

B. Responses. You can create up to 50 responses/teams. Each response or team name cannot exceed 30 alphanumberic characters. Click 'add response' to extend the response list.

C. Click the Add + button when you've finished creating a question.

D. See the questions you've created. Use action buttons at right to edit/delete.

Which is your functional team?   
   • Finance
   • Distribution
   • Publishing
   • Manufacturing
   • Other 

Which faculty do you work in?
   • Science
   • History
   • Computing and IT

TIP! Use question responses people know and understand. These questions are compulsory so you may need to include a response for 'other'. A report is generated for every team with 4 or more members.


Multi-Team only

Match teams with managers for report distribution. Only the account owner can trigger report distribution.

Give a person access to multiple reports by repeating their email address in the appropriate box. The 'manager email ' cell can be left empty.

The account owner controls report distribution. Distribution is to all or none. 

A. Editable  team names for report in the Team Name column.

B. Email of person to receive the team report in the Manager Email column.

Team Names cannot exceed 30 alphanumeric characters.


Team or Multi-Team

Edit survey details: company name, industry, dates and survey invitation email subject line and message text.

A. Enter the company or team name (max 30 chars) to appear in the report and some survey questions. 

B. Select your industry from the drop down list.

C. Choose the survey Start and End date and time.  A short survey period of 2-5 days gets the best response.  The engine runs on Sydney - Australia time (UTC +10 hours). Consider your team/s work hours and different time zones.   See below for more details about editing date & time.

D. Edit the survey invitation email subject line and message. 

Invitations are resent automatically every day (24 hours from start time) to invited participants who have not yet completed a survey. 

TIP! Include in your message a couple of lines encouraging people to participate.  What's in it for them?  When will they see the results?

Have your say | So we understand you better | To improve our workplace 

Editing date and time

A. Click on the text inside the date and time box to access the calendar and select the date.

B. Click on the small clock icon to pull up the time edit function.

C. Use the arrows and AM/PM toggle to select the time you want.

TIP!   Remember to choose AM or PM.


Team or Multi-Team

Confirm your survey set up is correct. To change something use the green stage boxes to get to what you need to edit. Do not pay or use your payment coupon until everything is 100% correct.

A. All survey details appear here, including a scroll down list of all intended recipients. Check your own email address is on the list to participate.

B. (Multi-Team pathway only) The team defining questions. The question, responses, team name and manager.

C. Details of the purchase and fees calculated using the number of survey recipient email addresses. All amounts are in $AUD and include relevant GST (10%).

D. If you have a discount or payment coupon code enter it here and press the '+' button. After your amount owing changes, press Submit.

TIP! Do not pay by card or coupon until you are ready. You cannot add people to your survey after payment is recorded (including by coupon). Check carefully how many recipients you have. Is this the number of people you want to survey? 


Credit card: enter a credit card number, expiry date and security code (CVV).

Coupon code: enter your discount or full payment coupon code and submit.

Other: if you need to purchase using a PO and invoice - contact us by email team(at)peoplepie(dot)com. After proof of payment is received we will issue you a full payment code.

A receipt is sent by email to the account owner.

After payment and before the survey starts, you can modify some details but cannot add new recipients, and if you remove any there is no refund.

Answering the survey

All recipients

You must answer every question and press 'submit' at the end for your answers to be included in the results.

Your first answer is usually best answer.

Respond with your level of agreement to each of the statement items presented. Watch carefully for statement sentiment - some are positive and others are negative. 

Some definitions that may help you:

  • Organisation: think of your employer
  • Manager: think of the person you report to on a daily basis
  • Leaders/leadership: think about the most senior people in the business.


Team or Multi-Team

Reports are generated within 15 minutes of the scheduled survey end time. An email notifies the account holder when reports are ready.

team pathWAY

A. My Surveys view. All surveys you've run appear here. To access your report click the blue Report button.

B. Dynamic Report Display Here are detailed survey results and displays with buttons to Print a summary or Download Full Report.

TIP! Hover over chart columns and the results wheel to reveal definitions.

multi-team pathWAY

A. My surveys view. All the surveys you've run appear here. To access your team reports click the blue Report button.

B. Dynamic Reports Display Use the dropdown menu C. to toggle between team results. Display each team to download its report one at a time. 

C. Dropdown team menu.

D. Distribute reports button. This sends an email to the team managers you set up to receive team results . Once used it disappears.

TIP! Make time to read your report.  Real insights for action will come from understanding the seven drivers fully described in the written report.