Peoplepie FAQs

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What is Peoplepie?

Peoplepie is a team development process used by managers to help them motivate and manage their team. Built by experts, Peoplepie can be used for teams in any size organisation. It is easy, efficient and above all - very effective. 

Who uses Peoplepie?

Managers of teams in any size business.  A manager of a single team should use the TEAM pathway. A leader responsible for more than than one team should use the  MULTI-TEAM pathway.

What's involved?

There are four steps to repeat at regular intervals.

  1. Survey your team to learn current motivation and driver levels
  2. Review your team report action recommendations and solutions
  3. Run a RODA session with your team to discuss results and plan action
  4. Take motivating team action

What is RODA?

RODA stands for Receive, Own, Discuss and Act. A RODA session is a facilitated session run by a manager with their team to share, discuss and plan action using their survey results. RODA session materials (facilitation guide and worksheet) are provided so managers with no previous experience of surveys or action planning can run an effective session.  RODA is the secret ingredient that delivers team motivation. Learn More.

How large is a team?

You need at least 4 people to answer a survey to get results. 

What survey is used?

Peoplepie has a selection of pre-built surveys for teams to use. Every survey measures team motivation and performance on important workplace motivation drivers modified for different occupations. Four occupation version currently available are: Employee, Sales, Service and Volunteer.  

Which pathway and survey combination should I use?

Choose your pathway based on if you manage one team or more, and choose your survey based on the occupation of most of the people. Here's a table to help. 

How are teams defined by the survey?

If you use the Multi-Team pathway you will be asked to create a team defining question. Read more about this in Peoplepie INSTRUCTIONS.

How do I get started?

The first step is to run your survey. Try Peoplepie once for one team for free. Then purchase as you go. No subscriptions, no lock-in contracts.

How often is Peoplepie used?

The survey step should be run and repeated every 6 months. Any more often and teams will get 'survey fatigue', any less often and important actions and people issues will fall off your radar. The RODA sessions can be run more often - ideally the team should come together every month to discuss and review the actions they've taken in response to their survey.

What do the survey questions look like?

  • Questions are presented as statements with a five-point level of agreement response.
  • Every question requires an answer.
  • Surveys can be answered on any device.
  • The questions are not available in advance.
  • A survey takes under 10 minutes to complete.

A Peoplepie survey screen on a PC

What research is Peoplepie based on?

Peoplepie surveys are based on over 25 years of research into employee motivation, culture, workplace dynamics and performance by the PhD led team at Hinds Research. Data from over 150 organisations and 227,000 employees in 40 countries was used to develop the Peoplepie surveys. The underlying instrument - EMPI - won an ANZAM international Award for Scientific Excellence. 

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes. To protect individual survey participant anonymity the minimum reporting size is 4. The survey data is locked away behind encrypted security and cannot be accessed by account holders or participants.

How is motivation measured?

Peoplepie uses the tripartite model of motivation developed by Dr Hinds. We measure current levels of affiliation (we), achievement (me) and actualisation (it) satisfaction to report a single aggregate motivation score. Read more about Tripartite Motivation. When we are motivated at work our me, we and it drives are being expressed.

What are drivers?

The drivers, measured in each survey, represent the most important workplace dimensions impacting individual and team motivation. If performance on drivers is high so too is motivation and productivity.

The direct link between drivers, motivation and business performance was proven using multiple longitudinal studies.

In Peoplepie surveys each of the seven drivers is measured by five questions.

The seven drivers in the Peoplepie employee survey


How are scores calculated?

Survey scores are the arithmetic average (or mean) calculated from all team members presented from -100 to +100.

What technology does Peoplepie use?

Our front end website is hosted on Squarespace.

The Peoplepie analytics engine where survey data is collected, processed and stored, is built on the platform by, a leading provider of cloud solutions.  We are using Salesforce’s best of breed security so your data is safe.  Using Salesforce also gives us the confidence to be able to deliver a consistent and reliable service. For an overview of the capability including security and compliance go to 

The engine has an EV SSL certificate so data exchanges are encrypted and verified.

Salesforce aligns with Australian privacy standards and regulations. The Salesforce information security management system follows ISO 27002 practices and is certified to the ISO 27001 standard. We maintain a broad registration, including all our customer data centres and large office sites. This means that our security practices are required by policy, managed and tracked in implementation, and improved as required.  Learn more

Do I have to pay by credit card?

No. If you need to generate a purchase order and receive an invoice - we can accommodate you. We'll provide you with a payment coupon code to use at checkout.  Email us using the button below.

Will Peoplepie tell me what actions to take?

Yes (and no)! Your team reports contain a set of action recommendations and solutions that we know have been successful for other team and organisations. You may want to implement some of these based on your team results. Your RODA sessions are the best forum for your team to discuss and decide what actions to take. You may create new and innovative solutions and actions are more likely to succeed when agreed with the whole team. The Peoplepie process is motivating because of team participation. It’s the key.

If your RODA sessions create new action ideas we’d love to hear about them. 

Please email us - there are rewards for you if you do!