About us

The Peoplepie team has spent over 20 years working with leaders of large government and business organisations establishing strategies to raise employee motivation, align cultures to goals, and improve organisation wide leadership and management practices.

We learned over many years that raising motivation and lasting culture change is only achieved from bottom up, with teams.

And yet, most employee research was run at corporate level by Human Resources departments with information taking far too long to get into managers' hands and when it did, it often failed to provide the answers and solutions managers needed. So the idea to build Peoplepie was formed... 


"Let's put motivating action advice directly into the hands of team managers."

"Let's build a  self-service tool that is easy to use, inexpensive and effective."

"Let's make sure the process itself motivating."

Louisa Vanderkruk

Louisa vanderkruk

CEO and Founder. Louisa runs all Peoplepie operations and is continually looking for ways to improve our offer.


you - our customers

User experience. Every day you teach us more about what you want and need to be motivating team leaders.

joan-mary hinds phd

Research Advisor. Joan-Mary's advice and expertise in human motivation is applied to Peoplepie surveys and products.


Louisa and Joan-Mary are Directors of Hinds Research