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how to motivate people

The path to building a great team is easy with Peoplepie because we give you actions - not just data!

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1. survey to know your team

2. review your report

3. run a roda session

4. take winning action

Motivated teams collaborate, innovate and deliver.  

Peoplepie puts motivating insights and proven action solutions directly into the hands of team managers.

How motivated is your team?  What action can you take to make it a great team?

Peoplepie are motivation experts with a track record of building high-performance cultures.

Our solutions work!

Better diagnosis

Award-winning surveys built by experts and validated with over 227,000 employees.

For you

Designed specifically for team and people managers in organisations of any size.

occupation versions

Insights for employee, sales, unpaid volunteer and customer service teams.

Solutions that work

Practical motivating action solutions based on evidence and years of consulting experience.

secure technology

Our 24/7 engine in the cloud ensures your data is safe, secure and accessible any time.  

People friendly

An easy online process that is a pleasure for you to set up and for your people to use.


Motivated teams perform 20% better than unmotivated teams.

Imagine what this would do for your team.

Peoplepie provides an excellent tool and guidance for managers to meet and work with teams on issues of most concern to them.
— R. Doedens, CEO Mosaic Services
Peoplepie gave my people a voice and helped us to listen. The report is very comprehensive. We are taking action and will repeat the process again.
— NFP General Manager
At Firequip we’ve undertaken two Peoplepie Surveys and had fantastic support. We’ve gained a great insight into what motivates our team members and implemented change and had some outstanding results!! If you’re serious about motivating your teams I highly recommend the Peoplepie approach.
— Wayne Collins, GM Firequip
Peoplepie is terrific. The whole process was incredibly easy and extremely valuable. My team’s performance has markedly improved.
— IT team leader

Yes that's right - free!  use Peoplepie with one team for no charge.