Motivate and engage your people

Measure motivation and the things that matter for team engagement, collaboration and performance.

Peoplepie is for managers who care about their people and want insights they can use.

Because we understand motivation, we know what it takes to motivate employees. Peoplepie surveys measure both sides of employee engagement - motivation and the workplace dynamics that operate as the strongest drivers of motivation. More than 20 years of research and consulting have gone into building our surveys, insights and solution recommendations.  So the reports you receive deliver real value and information you can apply.


Peoplepie surveys are used to understand team dynamics, improve motivation, signal to employees they matter, provide a foundation for better performance conversations and show where and how to act and invest in your people. 

Easy survey

An easy online platform that offers report pathways and occupation versions to suit your business.

team results

Results are reported for how your business works, in teams and groups. Managers receive reports they need.


Expert insights and action recommendations to motivate your team for success you can track.

Motivated employees care, make better decisions, collaborate and innovate.

What is different about Peoplepie?

How we measure motivation

Human motivation occurs when our intrinsic needs for affiliation (connection), achievement (competence) and actualisation (purpose or creativity) are met. An easy way to think about this is 'We, Me and It'. This 'tripartite model' of motivation is core within Peoplepie surveys and is how we know which dimensions in the employer ecosystem actually matter for engagement.   

occupation versions

Peoplepie has surveys for different occupations.  Employees, Salespeople, Volunteers and Service delivery teams. This is because we understand that people working in different occupations are motivated differently.   

How we operate

Online and at arms length. Managers who care about their people don't need consultants to take up their time and will know exactly what to do if they are given the right information. Use Peoplepie surveys whenever you want to. 

how you pay

Pay as you go for what you use. No subscriptions. No contracts. Just a per employee charge whenever you survey. For little more than the cost of a fancy dinner, you receive deep insight into your team and data you can use.

being the FIRST OF our KIND

Peoplepie is designed and built for people managers.  Not for corporations or Human Resource Departments.  It is for those who lead and manage people, and who care enough to want to ensure their teams are motivated and engaged.

How does Peoplepie work?

You choose the reporting pathway you need.


One team x one report.

Ideal for 5  > 30 employees

group + for you.png


Multiple team reports.

Ideal for  15 > 200 employees


Full customisation.

Ideal for 200+ employees

And select the occupation version survey that is right for your people.





Then register to set up your survey in under 10 minutes and pay per employee by credit card.  Easy!

After the survey you will be given access to a dynamic online results display and a comprehensive report for every group containing results interpretation, insights and action recommendations.

Peoplepie survey features

Better surveys

Award-winning survey tools built by experts and validated with over 227,000 employees.

For you

Designed specifically for 'people managers' of teams and small to medium sized businesses.

occupation versions

Insights for employees, salespeople, volunteers and customer service teams.

Solutions that work

Practical motivating action solutions based on years of consulting experience.

secure technology

Our 24/7 engine in the cloud ensures your data is safe, secure and accessible any time.  

People friendly

An easy online process that is a pleasure for you to set up and for your people to use.

Motivated people are good for business.

Motivation is the most important component of engagement.

Engagement occurs when motivated employees care about their work, employers care about their people and there is a mutually beneficial relationship of exchange. Research has proven engagement is one key predictor of business success. 

On a personal level you know this makes sense.  When you are motivated and engaged you put in more than just effort - you care, use your energy, initiative, imagination, intelligence and skills. This is what researchers mean by 'discretionary' effort - the discretionary bit is the place where the magic happens.

We know that motivated employees perform between 5% and 20% better than their peers. Imagine what even a 5% performance improvement might mean for your team or business.

With 20 people a 5% improvement is like having one more person working with you, for free.

In a business with $1 million annual revenue an extra 5% equates to $ 50,000 additional revenue.

Managers who care use Peoplepie

Peoplepie exceeded my expectations of the value of information provided. We couldn’t have achieved such an analysis on our own - it would have taken longer, been less accurate and cost a lot more.
— Neil Hamilton, GM of TRINEO
Peoplepie is efficient and insightful. The survey itself is quick and user friendly and the report delivers plenty of valuable management insights.
— Anne Stuckey, Director deJAGER Executive Search
Peoplepie showed me exactly what to do to get my team performing to its potential. This survey is a winner.
— Team Manager, IT Services Sales
Doing the survey alone is motivating and it gave us insights and actions to focus on our people in a directed way. We had a roadmap for action and positive change was immediate.
— CEO, Financial Services
The results of our survey were very illuminating. It told us what was happening and what to do to make things better. The research methodology is excellent and the process very smooth.
— HR Director, Logistics & Transport
Knowing which engagement and motivation drivers to act on delivered impressive and lasting performance improvements in my division.
— National Manager, Professional Services

Read more, set up a survey or download a one-page summary.