Motivated employees care, collaborate, innovate and stay.

Measure the things that matter for team motivation, engagement, collaboration and performance.

Peoplepie solves the problem of employee surveys that give results without answers. We put motivating insights and action solutions directly into the hands of managers. 


Peoplepie surveys are used to understand team dynamics, improve team motivation, signal to employees they matter, provide a foundation for better performance and show your where and how to invest in your people. 

Easy survey

Online platform that is easy to use MORE

team results

Managers receive a  team report     MORE


Expert insights and action solutions MORE

Because we understand motivation, we know what it takes to motivate employees.

Peoplepie surveys measure both sides of employee engagement - employee motivation and workplace drivers. Over 20 years of research and consulting has gone into building the Peoplepie surveys and solutions - so our reports are able to deliver genuine value to team managers.

Peoplepie survey features

Better surveys

Award-winning survey tools built by experts and validated with over 227,000 employees.

For you

Designed specifically for 'people managers' of teams and small to medium sized businesses.

occupation versions

Insights for employees, salespeople, volunteers and customer service teams.

Solutions that work

Practical motivating action solutions based on years of consulting experience.

secure technology

Our 24/7 engine in the cloud ensures your data is safe, secure and accessible any time.  

People friendly

An easy online process that is a pleasure for you to set up and for your people to use.

Motivated people are good for business.

Motivated employees think, feel and behave in ways that are good for business

Unmotivated employees think, feel and behave in ways that are bad for business

Motivated employees perform 20% better than their unmotivated peers

Imagine what a 20% improvement would do for your team 

Managers and businesses who care use Peoplepie

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"A great tool and we will definitely keep using it!" (Wayne Collins, GM Firequip)

"Peoplepie exceeded my expectations of the value of information provided. We couldn't have achieve such an analysis on our own - it would have taken longer, been less accurate and cost a lot more." (Neil Hamilton, GM Trineo)

"Peoplepie is efficient and insightful. The survey itself is quick and easy and the report delivers plenty of valuable management insights." (Anne Stucky, Director DeJAGER Excecutive Search)

"Peoplepie told me what I needed to do to get my team performing to its potential. This survey is a winner!" (Team manager, Aged Care)